Product Description

Marine Rubber Fender is a bumper used to protect structures by absorbing the energy of a ship against a marine dock or other ship. A good elastomeric fender unit has to have a high energy absorption capability and low reaction force. This fender is manufactured from natural rubber and not from recycled rubber.

Marine dock fender types and sizes are determined by size of vessels, type of vessels, tonnage of the vessels, length, load draft, breath, and many other factors. The berthing speed and berthing angle will also contribute to the fender selection. Some other things like wave conditions, wind speed, and current speed are also affecting fender selections.

We manufacture V Fender, Cell Fender, M Fender, I Fender, D Fender, Cone Fender, Element Fender, and many other types.

Keman Rubber Fender is a high quality marine fender designed by our engineers.